Design & Implementation Support

Tribal Technical Assistance

It is our goal to provide technical assistance services to Tribal nations that are interested in implementing rainwater harvesting projects of all sizes on Tribal lands. Native American Tribes are at the forefront of more holistic land and watershed management practices. Additionally, the sovereign status of Tribes allows for the opportunity for the implementation of large-scale rainwater harvesting for watershed management that often meet legal barriers in other municipalities, citise or states. This means that Tribes have the power to make land and water management decisions that can have a positive impact for both Tribal and non-tribal people for the next seven generations. It is our goal to offer technical assistance services for the design and implementation support for a wide range of rainwater harvesting activities including rain gardens, swales, terraces, erosion control, and holistically managed rangeland areas that integrate rainwater harvesting practices with agroforestry and cattle management.

Design & Implementation